Running and fitness 

Back in October a group of friends and I completed the Great South Run 10 mile race. It’s been the focus of my training since I started running, all the way back in January. I have to say that the day was amazing and I’ve loved having the single minded focus of training for the 10 miles, having never run before. I’m grateful to have friends who run, who completely “get it”. I raised around ¬£800 for Macmillan Cancer Support and couldn’t believe how kind and generous friends have been. I feel incredibly lucky. 

Next challenge is Brighton Half Marathon in February. Bring it on. 



Since the eldest started school, time has hit some sort of fast forward. Maybe it’s the routine or the non stop events (from show and tell to discos to reading home wow and parents evening). I wish some days I could hit pause and stop running around. There seems to be no time to stop and reflect on what is important. I feel the need, not for speed, but for enjoying them all being so little and actually needing me. I always think about it when I tuck them in and check on them when they’re asleep. 

Time to start blogging once more!

Time to start blogging once more!

So, life with 3 kind of got in the way of my little blog. Time to start over! So, here’s my pledge, at least one new post every week!

Eldest – now 5 and at school

Middle – 3 and tiny dynamo

Youngest – miss pink! 1 year old with mayhem as default

Me – muddling through, returning to work soon and finding a balance.

What are your challenges at the moment?