6th sense

all babies have this magical power, they sense food is about to be eaten by Mum and they wake up! Substitute food for any type of relaxation…same outcome. 


The thing about 3

so it’s been a few months since I posted last and to be fair, it’s felt like a tornado has passed through, with the arrival of baby number three. Things I have managed to do:

1. Start some kind of hectic routine and enjoy my lovely family

2. Started running and can now do 5k quite comfortably

3. Signed up for a 10 mile race in October (perhaps a bit too optimistic?!)

4. Re do the eldest’s bedroom, middle child is next on my list!´╗┐

5. Go on holiday – we had an amazing time and enjoyed the sunshine and the company of friends in Florida. 

Things I’ve failed to do:

1. Sleep much

2. Keep in touch with friends as regularly as I should. 

3. Record milestones – I’ve done lots of photos, but anything written down, forget it. 

So I’m going to try, once again, to blog and record, so I’ve got some things to go back to in the future. What did you manage/fail to do i the time after children were born? It’s all about celebrating the little successes.