All about me

I’m relatively new on Twitter and am just finding my way round, having an explore, generally during the night feeding hours. I found an interesting discussion today on @mumsdays entitled All about you

Mums' Days

It got me thinking. What am I about. I have 3 children now, 4, 2 and 5 weeks old. My days are spent with them, as I’m on maternity for the next year. I’m privileged that I live in the UK and we get that long. The kids are my focus, but what about me?

Me time currently consists of 10 minutes to do make hair make up, 15 minute shower and sometimes being allowed to go to the toilet on my own. The odd 5 minutes while kids watch tv and baby sleeps. All my gym plans, self improvement and juicing plans, like the almond milk in the fridge, remain unopened, abandoned but not forgotten.

I’m a new me. An evolving me with new priorities and chaos around me. I’m enjoying this time with baby girl, finding my feet with routine and slowly realising that this is the last time I get to have a newborn bundle to hold and whose hair I can sniff at will. These days won’t come again and I’ll always be evolving.

I miss flying me, the flight attendant who goes away and sees the world. My real passion is for travel and exploring. She will be back though, the flying me. In a year she will be sat in New York or Hong Kong, missing her babies and husband but enjoying the world, if only for a couple of days, before returning to normality and chaos.

For now, I’ll take grounded me and try my best to love every minute. Even with explosive nappies around. On that note…


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