1.30am wake ups, why oh why?

My 2 year old sleeps. He sleeps well, generally. So why is it that for the last few nights (but not every night, as that would be too predictable), he wakes up and demands 1) Mummy’s bed 2) play time 3) wake big brother up or 4) song time?

Deep down I know the answer. He’s got big changes going on. Pre school 2 mornings a week, a sister on her way soon, he’s had a tummy bug in the last week. So why do I find it so hard? I don’t want this to become a habit and so I refuse to take him into bed with me (he wouldn’t sleep anyway).

Compromise ended up being me sleeping on the floor between the boys’ beds, singing “twinkle twinkle” and then leaving once he was asleep. I just need my own bed and at 34 weeks pregnant, it’s all a bit of a heavy load, one way or another. The upshot? His brother, who shares a room with him, slept through all of it.

Of course now I’m wide awake and so that’s that. Onwards and upwards as they say.


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