The dreaded lurgy

It’s happened. The dreaded lurgy has struck our house. The eldest was sick once in Thursday, so kept him off from preschool. I think he must have a tummy of steel as that was it. Sadly for the rest of us, it hasn’t been so straight forward.
I went to work at my office placement and about lunchtime, started feeling ill. Thanks to lovely colleagues, I was dispatched home pretty immediately. Long story short, at 34 weeks pregnant , that night I ended up at out of hours GP at the hospital, with one undignified shot to the bottom region, some buccastem and a wheelchair to the car. Mum babysat whilst long suffering husband took me there and back.

That’s when the real fun started. We got home to find the youngest being very ill on grandma. It wasn’t a good night. I felt awful as couldn’t even help as I was too busy being ill myself.

The calm after the storm came the next day. Things calmed down and we all had a dvd day at home. The eldest, who was fine, thought Christmas had come early, he was allowed to stay in pjs and watch tv all day. Something which never happens here, so at aged 4, this was like nirvana.

Now it’s time to get back to normal. Only 3 loads of washing left to do… Planning on taking boys conker collecting and leaf collecting and getting some fresh air while making some prints. Wish me luck!



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