I have about 2 weeks left at work. When pregnant, flight attendants (also known as cabin crew here in the U.K.) get a ground job. I’ve loved every one of my ground placements and count myself lucky that I don’t have to fly when pregnant. Office work is tiring enough, without having to deal with jet lag, a heightened sense of smell and lots of physically hard work (for hours on end).

I do miss flying, I see friends having lovely adventures on Facebook, I miss “me time” which the office can never give me in the same way. I miss cheap pedicures and trips out to go on safari in Africa. Or skydiving in Vegas. The list goes on. I do love being home every night to tuck my babies into bed though and my emotions on this are mixed. Very soon I’ll hopefully have my baby girl to hold too and maternity leave from the skies and the office for over a year.

I know I’ll miss work for my own sanity. I’m not cut out to be a stay at home mum. I wish I was. I’d love to have the patience and dedication to devote self 24/7 to these tiny humans who are getting bigger every day. I find that a trip helps to keep me sane, I dread going, on the day, but have a great time, being an adult for a couple of days and then cannot wait to get home to snuggle my kids. It’s a life I don’t feel ready to give up (possibly ever). It’s a balance and sometimes a huge contradiction. Like a lot of parenting turns out to be.





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