The dangerous nesting visit to Ikea

Today was the day. In fact it’s the second time I’ve been this pregnancy. I thought that the nesting instinct would get less intense with each pregnancy. Wrong!

I seem to be trying to organise everything. Things like ironing newborn clothes have long gone out of the window (that stopped with my first born), but buying accessories and rugs? I was there today. Somewhere between the aisle of despair and ecstasy, I picked up a load of stuff which we all obviously needed. Hmm.

The really good bit was, that I went solo, unlike last time. Last time I nearly lost two children in the bed department (they rigorously tested each one), much to my husband’s dismay. I also tried to put the eldest into Smaland crèche, which resulted in delayed tears from him, so a retrieval phone call by the time I’d even entered the kiddie section upstairs. So, in comparison, today was good.

One tired pregnant woman tonight but feel like a small time shopping genius, with coordinated bins and toothbrush holders… The three men in my life think I’m vaguely bonkers. Never mind, I’m off to recycle/bin the old stuff I’ve replaced in the morning. Nesting -it’s a compulsion!


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